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As an active speaker, Cody speaks at school assemblies, corporate gatherings, conferences, and church events all over the United States. His mission all across the world is to share his message of hope and inspiration, inspiring with his vision of Helping People Live Free from the Bonds of Scars™.


Cody is passionate about sharing on these message topics:



The troubles of yesterday have the ability to hinder our tomorrow if we allow it. These problems often produce a negative mindset, and this way of thinking can prevent us from moving into our full potential. Cody shares the parallel between his injuries and the human condition as a whole. Scars are either physical or emotional. Most are emotional. If not handled properly, they can keep us bound in defeat and bitterness, causing limitations. This limited mobility creates a ripple effect in our lives and in the lives of those we surround ourselves with, such as our spouses, children, or coworkers. Throughout his talk, Cody provides audience participation, clean humor, juggling stunts, and most importantly, a call to action for everyone in attendance. This speech can be tailored to meet your specific needs.


I AM NOT BOUND (Bully Prevention)

In today’s society, we see a generation of students who are in need of a positive outlook on life. Cody lives to be an example to this generation. Life handed him a life-changing obstacle, and as a result of that obstacle, he now lives with scars. But he doesn’t let that injury hinder him in pursuing his goals in life. His scars are present because of the wrongdoing of another driver. It’s possible that students today have scars also because of someone else’s poor choice. Scars are brought forth from both physical things and/or emotional. Bullying is something that can cause both of those. Unfortunately, this problem hinders the positive enhancement of an individual. Cody wishes to partner with your school in displaying and teaching a positive outlook on life, encouraging them not to live a life bound by yesterday’s troubles showing that we disapprove of bullying. His message is combined with clean humor, juggling stunts, audience participation and a call to action leaving students with an I AM NOT BOUND mentality.


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